Blue Center

CSJ is engaged as legal adviser to Blue Center for the refinancing of an existing loan. Blue Center owns the largest business building in Belgrade of the highest A+ class. Refinancing of the loan is led by the Erste Bank and Alpha Bank consortium, and the total value of the deal is 49 million euro. Attorneys Goran Cvetkovic, Mina Skoko i Jelena Jovicic are engaged in the project encompassing local and international legal aspects.

PSC Mobile Solutions

CSJ has successfully led and completed negotiations for the introduction of a software solution for parking payment in cities on behalf of client PSC Mobile Solutions (PSC MS). PSC MS has concluded an agreement with French companies Q Park and NetSize according to which the software will be used in numerous cities around France. Qpark is one of the leading parking operators in France, and NetSize, as part of the global Gemalto Group, is one of the major players in the field of security of payments. The entire negotiations were led by attorney Goran Cvetkovic. The initial value of the deal is over 1 million euro.

Working breakfast

Law office Cvetković, Skoko & Jovičić held a Working breakfast at the Falkensteiner Hotel in Belgrade on June 4th 2015, in cooperation with the Franco-Serbian Chamber of Commerce whose member is attorney Goran Cvetkovic. The subject of the Working breakfast were amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction.


CSJ has completed a series of Greenfield agreements on the construction of recycling plants on behalf of Arcana, specifically for the needs of the French market and in accordance with French and English law. The plants will be constructed in several cities in France, and the total value of the deal is 10 million euro. The entire project was led by attorney Goran Cvetkovic.

Working breakfast

Law office Cvetković, Skoko & Jovičić held a Working breakfast on April 1st 2015 on the subject of “Application of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction” at the premises of the Serbian Association of Managers who was also organizer of the event.

Project completion – US Embassy

The protocol announcing the legal completion of construction of the US Embassy in Belgrade was signed on May 15th 2014. The legal team of CSJ was led by Goran Cvetkovic, attorney and general manager of the entire project worth 130 million USD.

Grand opening of the US Embassy

The grand opening of the new United States Embassy in Belgrade was held on July 1st 2013. This project worth 130 million USD was entrusted to CSJ as legal advisors, with Goran Cvetkovic heading the legal team and acting in the capacity of general manager of the entire project.

New US Embassy

With the approval of the United States Government, CSJ has been engaged by Framaco International Inc. on the project of construction of the new US Embassy in Belgrade. The engagement includes providing all types of legal assistance and coordination of construction work, including planning, construction as well as contacts with government agencies and public companies in Serbia. The team of lawyers to work on the project will be led by attorney Goran Cvetković who has also been appointed general manager of the project worth a total of 130 million USD.

Mimoza – Tivat, Montenegro

Together with partners, Central European Estate commenced work on the due diligence report concerning its investment on peninsula Mimoza located near Tivat in Montenegro. The site is owned by hotel-tourist company Mimoza, and the plan is to build an entire hotel compound. Engaged on the project are attorneys Goran Cvetkovic and Mina Skoko, together with […]

Hotel Metropol

Israeli investment fund Central European Estate (CEE) commenced work on the legal, technical and financial analysis of purchasing Hotel Metropol in Belgrade, taking its first steps in upstarting work on the territory of Serbia. CEE is owned by Yuli Offer, one of Israel’s most successful businessmen. The investment fund has experience in the hotel industry, […]