Notice on the final deadline for submission of the archive book

Pursuant to the Law on Archival Material and Archival Activities (hereinafter: the Law), all legal entities have a deadline until 30 April 2022 to submit to the competent archive a transcript of their archive book, for documentary material created in the previous year, i.e. transcript of the entire archive book from the date of founding, if they did not submit their archive books until now.

Failure to comply with this provision of the Law is a misdemeanor for which there is a prescribed fine in the amount from 50,000.00 RSD to 2,000,000.00 RSD for a legal entity, i.e. from 5,000.00 RSD to 150,000.00 RSD for the responsible person in a legal entity.

Additionally, please note that the precondition for fulfilling the above stated obligation was to register as the creator and holder of archival material with the competent archive by 31 December 2021, as well as to, together with normative acts and a list of categories of archival materials and documentary materials with deadlines for their keeping, deliver to the competent archive a copy of the founding act or excerpt from the BRA, as well as contact details of the responsible professional competent for preserving and handling archival and documentary material.

Keeping in mind that, due to the overload of the competent archive, the receipt of documentation, i.e. the request for registration of legal entities has been suspended until further notice, in accordance with the notification and instructions for handling to be found on the website of the Historic Archive of Belgrade, for legal entities who still haven’t registered with the competent archive as the creators and holders of archive material and submitted normative acts, it’s to be expected that the deadline for submitting the transcript of the archive book will be extended.