1 April 2021 marks the beginning of application of the Rulebook on detailed conditions for submitting a request for temporary residence permit electronically, rendered on 30 December 2020 (hereinafter: the “Rulebook”).

The most important novelty brought by the Rulebook will be that foreigners, during the approval procedure, i.e. extension of temporary residence (hereinafter: the “Application”) will be obliged to personally appear before the Department for Foreigners once instead of twice, as required under current rules.

Thus, unlike the previous solution, according to which a foreigner had to submit the necessary documentation directly and solely in person, from 1 April 2021, foreigners will be enabled to submit the Application electronically, either from the Republic of Serbia or from abroad.

The procedure for submitting the Application shall be done through the eUprava portal. Namely, after a foreigner registers on the portal, he/she submits an application within the service on the domain called “Livinginserbia”. After submitting the application, the applicant receives further instructions for proceeding and is informed about the course of the procedure.

If conditions for granting temporary residence are met, the applicant is informed through the eUprava portal of the appointment where his/her personal presence is mandatory, for the purpose of obtaining a temporary residence sticker. If conditions are not met, the decision on rejection of the Application is delivered to the applicant via the eUprava portal.

Disclaimer: The text above is provided for general guidance and does not represent legal advice.
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