We follow developmental construction companies and other investors in the development of greenfield investments and other types of investment in building projects, advising them on all aspects of investment including the acquisition, zoning, financing of projects and construction of structures. We have vast experience in negotiating the investment conditions on major construction projects, both on a local and national level, as well as with state institutions and agencies, banks, construction companies, contractors, sellers and buyers.

Clients invest their resources based on our thorough, reliable and professional pre-examination of all the conditions for their investment, after we carry out the due diligence and thoroughly review the assets, respectively company and relevant planning documents and conditions. We offer comprehensive legal service regarding the preparation of construction agreements and other construction related agreements, with the application of domestic regulations and FIDIC’s rules of construction. We also prepare other documents pertaining to transactions, leases, financing, zoning, building and securing of investments. We assist in procedures before relevant authorities for the purpose of obtaining all necessary permits, zoning, as well as other legal assistance during the construction phase.

We have established long-term cooperation with some of the most renowned experts in the field of urban development and spatial planning.

Our office also offers legal services and deals in legal matters in all phases of transactions which pertain to real-estate, including negotiations and the preparation of real-estate SPA’s, payment of claims secured by mortgage and related disputes.

Our team has a vast knowledge of all regulatory aspects regarding property rights, registration of real-estate rights in official registries, tax treatment of transfers, possession, investment and similar real-estate rights. We advise clients in terms of the conditions for obtaining real-estate rights, and represent them in procedures for the protection of rights over them same.