Year: 2017

ICT HUB Venture

CSJ has been appointed as legal advisor of the first Serbian investment fund ICT HUB VENTURE. As legal advisor, CSJ shall be engaged in negotiations with startups, as well as providing legal services in all aspects of investment. CSJ will also take part in the drafting of new regulations that will regulate this area. Heading the CSJ team is attorney Mina Skoko.

Law on General Administrative Procedure

In focus: June 1st 2017 marks the beginning of application of the Law on General Administrative Procedure whose main goal, among other, is modernization of the administrative procedure and more effective realization of public interest and individual interests of citizens and legal persons in administrative matters.

BIG Fashion shopping mall

The Big Fashion shopping mall officially opened, marking the end of the transitional period. CSJ is engaged as the legal representative of the owner of the shopping mall, in charge of solving all issues that may arise in the operating of Big Fashion.

BIG Fashion

CSJ completed the legal due diligence and issued a positive opinion regarding the purchase of the Plaza Shopping Centre in construction located in Višnjička street, thus creating conditions for the signing of all documents required for BIG Israel to become owner of the shopping centre. This marks the beginning of the transitional period which will last until the grand opening of the shopping centre where CSJ will continue with the role of legal advisor.

BIG Fashion Vidikovac

CSJ is authorized to engage and lead the team to be working on creating conditions for the construction of shopping mall BIG FASHION VIDIKOVAC which will be the largest of its kind in Serbia. Presently in progress is the final regulating of all property-legal relations, effecting changes to the detailed regulation plan as well as obtaining of location conditions in order to finally obtain a building permit. Heading the team of lawyers, legal aids, architects, civil engineers and urban planners is attorney Goran Cvetković.

BIG Israel

CSJ announces the signing of the agreement between BIG Israel and Plaza Centers N.V. for purchase of the Plaza Shopping Center in construction in Visnjicka Street, at the location previously occupied by Kombinat Sport. Successful negotiations lasted two months and execution of the agreement is expected by the end of February 2017. CSJ partners Goran Cvetkovic, Mina Skoko and Jelena Jovicic headed the legal team who performed the due diligence and negotiated the conclusion of the agreement.

Law on Housing and Building Maintenance

In focus: On December 22nd 2016, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Law on Housing and Building Maintenance which came into force on December 31st 2016.